‘Person of Interest’ finds traction by killing off character | Toronto SUN

As I watched Taraji P. Henson’s character fall to the ground – in horror of course – I cried out; “Why-Oh-Why are they killing her character off?!” Then I read the following review via Jim Slotek at the Toronto SUN regarding the aftereffects of the CBS show’s plot twist, and began to get a small grasp […]

‘Almost Human’ theory: Karl Urban a robot | Inside TV | EW.com

Karl Urban is a not a human being. Not in the technical sense of the term. Oh, sure, he might look human. He might walk and talk like a human. He might even like to think he’s human. But Karl Urban would be wrong! For Karl Urban is actually an extraordinary machine that has been programmed to think he […]

Almost Human™ review: This Sci-Fi show is almost perfect – Zap2it

“Almost Human” does one of the hardest things on TV: make a futuristic, science-fiction world seem relevant and familiar to audiences. It helps that the show is, at its heart a buddy-cop story…. …Read the Full Zap2it Review here: http://bit.ly/1egyYLa