I am moving. I am drawn away. Things are moving forward. Things are moving away. Which way should I follow? Which way should I take? I sit and wonder… I act, and still wonder. Which way should I take? How long will I wonder? How long will I sit and consider? I’m making moves. IContinue reading “Destination”

Life Passages IV – The Stand Out

“What do you want me to do?” 16 year old Madeleine asked her mother; Ellen. “I don’t want you to anything that your conscience is not already telling you to do.” Replied Ellen Madeleine takes a deep breath and sighs “Well I don’t see what the big deal is…everyone does it!” Madeleine snapped back atContinue reading “Life Passages IV – The Stand Out”

Life Passages III – The Exit

“I’m Leaving!” Kyle anxiously announced. “What?…No!…Kyle, what do you mean you’re leaving?” Beverly responds in disbelief? “Huh?…What do I mean?!” He scoffs. “Seriously…You really think I should stay under these circumstances Beverly?!” “It’s not that bad…right?” She tries to placate him. “What can I do to make you stay?” “At this point Beverly; Nothing!” HeContinue reading “Life Passages III – The Exit”

Life Passages II – Bon Voyage

“Sandy can you believe Charlie is gone?!” Melissa said with heaviness in her voice. “No…no I can’t believe it!…I mean who would have ever thought…” Sandy struggled to get the words out. “I know…I know…” Melissa interrupted her. “This is just too much to take in. He’s just gone way too soon!” “I’m sort ofContinue reading “Life Passages II – Bon Voyage”