It Takes More Than Talent…Rhimes vs. Heigl

The historic Latin writer, Publilius Syrus coined the saying; “A good reputation is more valuable than money”.

This appears to be evident as we witness the reported tension between prime time television leader, Shonda Rhimes and actress Katherine Heigl – a former cast member of Rhimes’ initial hit: Grey’s Anatomy.

There’s been lots of talk about how difficult Rhimes found Heigl to work with. How could this be? Heigl appears so approachable, and all her on-screen characters so believable…even adorable, not to mention she’s the quintessential attractive actress.

Nonetheless her character, from all these reports, is being presented as just plain ugly! Luckily for Heigl, she’s joined the primetime television arena once again with State of Affairs, on NBC. Though her so-called “beef” with Rhimes may not affect the success of the new Fall show in anyway, it will be interesting to see how her reputation transpires on the new set.

All these happenings surely reminds me that success requires more than just talent, and skill.

Learn more about the Rhimes vs. Heigl fiasco HERE!


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