Obama Slips Up On James Franco’s Name, Calls Him James Flacco

President Obama officially chimes in on the Sony Hack debacle, and commits the ultimate epic fail for avid movie, and James Franco fans like myself.
Hilarious, or just simply a no-no? What do you think?


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — President Barack Obama may have been thinking ahead to this weekend’s NFL games while addressing his position on the Sony cyberattacks.

Speaking about the Sony cyberattack at the hands of North Korea that caused “The Interview” to be pulled from theaters, Obama appeared to slip up James Franco’s name, confusing his last name with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

“I think it says something interesting about North Korea that they decided to have the state mount an all-out assault on a movie studio because of a satirical movie starring Seth Rogen and James Flacco. I love Seth and I love James, but the notion that that was a threat to them I think gives you some sense of the kind of regime we’re talking about here.”

The masses took to Twitter to pounce on the gaffe.

And not to be outdone, one person quickly created a James…

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