What’s the SCORE? – A Week of TV Premieres

I know, I know it has been a while since I have posted.  …Life! …Oye! When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Well I am here to report on my observations about the first week of  new television premieres for those brand new series which caught my eye, and one Sunday favorite which hasContinue reading “What’s the SCORE? – A Week of TV Premieres”

Michael J Fox Returns to NBC This Fall

Michael J. Fox returns to television this Fall! Is anyone else as excited as I am? Ok, so the thing is Family Ties was actual appointed family television viewing in my house as a kid. I was a huge fan of the character, Alex P Keaton played by Fox on the sitcom. Alex was unapologeticContinue reading “Michael J Fox Returns to NBC This Fall”

The Return of “Suits” | USA Network

I have this sneaking suspicion that USA Network does this to folks like me on purpose. I have been anxiously waiting for what seems like an entire year – pardon my dramatics – for the return of Suits on USA Network. In terms of breathelessly sitting at the edge of my proverbial seat to seeContinue reading “The Return of “Suits” | USA Network”

Paula Deen Challenge: Hit Me With a Rock And Kill Me | TMZ.com

With a very tearful declaration Paula Deen spoke to the Today show’s Matt Lauer about how the controversy over her accusations, of offensively using the “N-Word”, has affected her and defined “her truth”. She even proclaimed that she has received the support of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and that anyone whose said anything in theirContinue reading “Paula Deen Challenge: Hit Me With a Rock And Kill Me | TMZ.com”

The Official, Unofficial Start to My Summer

Yes! May 3rd finally arrived and I am anxiously awaiting the moment when I surender to that comfy theater chair and take-in the much anticipated Iron Man 3. No, I didn’t go see it on opening night (S0 please don’t spill any details). I can’t enjoy it quite as much with throngs of individuals packedContinue reading “The Official, Unofficial Start to My Summer”

Dreaming…Believing… “Girl Rising”

I can never do this film justice with any of my diagnosis – In short, to all Mothers, Fathers, Godparents, Teachers, Mentors etc, Girl Rising is a Must-See and I encourage you to expose the beloved young women in your lives to this film. The documentary reveals the stories of 9 girls in varied partsContinue reading “Dreaming…Believing… “Girl Rising””

Feeling A Little “Defiance”?

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the premiere of the Syfy series, Defiance last Monday evening. They say that the first 10 minutes of a film is crucial and the first ten of the 2 hour series opener, of Defiance, sure did what it was supposed to do. Now it’s Monday again andContinue reading “Feeling A Little “Defiance”?”

A Salute To A Personal Hero

I was half way through another post when I learned about the death of Film Guru, Roger Ebert. I tossed and turned about posting my original story or listening to the rumbles in my mind to honor a personal hero. I have admired Roger Ebert for many, many years. As a child, when the movieContinue reading “A Salute To A Personal Hero”

Is Sunday Night the New “Must See TV” Night?

Ok, did I miss something? …When did Sunday Night become the new “Must See TV” night? Do you remember when that was Thursday night? Yep!….The terminology was coined by NBC in the 1990s when their Thursday night line-up was doing gang-busters in the ratings. Actually they were scoring high since the 1980s. The line-up goesContinue reading “Is Sunday Night the New “Must See TV” Night?”