Messages From Beyond The Moon II: Get Ready For The Joy…

Hey,¬†You’re back! So you’ve decided to believe that I want to be smack in the middle of everything concerning you huh? You believe that I will, and can do whatever needs to be done to get you to where I have already predesigned for you to be. Okay then. See the big smile on myContinue reading “Messages From Beyond The Moon II: Get Ready For The Joy…”

Life Passages III – The Exit

“I’m Leaving!” Kyle anxiously announced. “What?…No!…Kyle, what do you mean you’re leaving?” Beverly responds in disbelief? “Huh?…What do I mean?!” He scoffs. “Seriously…You really think I should stay under these circumstances Beverly?!” “It’s not that bad…right?” She tries to placate him. “What can I do to make you stay?” “At this point Beverly; Nothing!” HeContinue reading “Life Passages III – The Exit”

Life Passages I – Commitment

“Why are you here?” She asks. “I’m here…I’m here because I have something to say.” He stumbles to communicate. “Well, what is it then?” She requests adamantly. “I want to say that this does not make any sense. I don’t need to leave…” He began “I know how I feel and…we can do this. WeContinue reading “Life Passages I – Commitment”