‘Almost Human’ theory: Karl Urban a robot | Inside TV | EW.com

Karl Urban is a not a human being. Not in the technical sense of the term. Oh, sure, he might look human. He might walk and talk like a human. He might even like to think he’s human. But Karl Urban would be wrong! For Karl Urban is actually an extraordinary machine that has been programmed to think heContinue reading “‘Almost Human’ theory: Karl Urban a robot | Inside TV | EW.com”

Almost Human™ review: This Sci-Fi show is almost perfect – Zap2it

“Almost Human” does one of the hardest things on TV: make a futuristic, science-fiction world seem relevant and familiar to audiences. It helps that the show is, at its heart a buddy-cop story…. …Read the Full Zap2it Review here: http://bit.ly/1egyYLa

The Return of “Suits” | USA Network

I have this sneaking suspicion that USA Network does this to folks like me on purpose. I have been anxiously waiting for what seems like an entire year – pardon my dramatics – for the return of Suits on USA Network. In terms of breathelessly sitting at the edge of my proverbial seat to seeContinue reading “The Return of “Suits” | USA Network”